Collective and Transformative

11 04 2010

Today I am here to share a couple of collective and transformative activities I have attended recently.

First one is Art of Hosting training that took place in Karlskrona Sweden.  To be very honest, I did not expect much our of it when I first heard of it.

To my delightful surprise, it turned out to be deeply transformative.  After the event, I felt that something deep inside me and something intangible was transformed ever so subtly and forever, as if who I am or my Self was fine tuned.  It was a beautiful experience.  For more details, take a look at:

Mind map of my transformative experience with the AoH

Mind map of a webinar with P.Senge in AoH

The second to share is a short course at Schumacher college in the UK, called Eco-facilitation which I have just participated.  In fact, this one-week course ended yesterday and I have just come back home this afternoon.

I still have a lot to reflect and digest while trying to write up our research on entrepreneurship for sustainability as a part of my degree.  So the experience I have had is still sort of floating in  me.

It was such a rich experience with intensity, feelings, provocation, contemplation, participation, and interaction.  I met extraordinary and courageous people who are on a quest to destroy or at least question their old selves and re-define who they really are for themselves and for the world as a whole.   People came from all over the place including Brazil and New Zealand following their heart.

Everyone at the college takes turn to do choirs. In fact, one of the most amazing workshop was given in the kitchen.

A workshop we co-improvised about uncertainty creativity and interconnection.

One of my favorite plants to taste.




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