On completing the game with a bit of delays

1 05 2010

Task 6 Evaluation

It was fun!

I am utterly amazed by how well designed this “selection” process/game was.

It was fun which definitely helped lower mental barriers for doing what I was supposed to do especially opening a blog!  I had been reluctant in starting my own blog for ages partly because I prefer spending as little time as possible in front of computer which I still do, and partly because I though it would be too time and energy consuming even though I knew that it would be a really effective way of communication.  Now that I opened my first blog and have been writing it.  It feels good and I have definitely learned the basics of how to use something very useful.

The deadline presented in a fun way encouraged me to complete or at least try to complete the tasks in time.

The tasks themselves were superbly well designed in a way that by completing the tasks you are already beginning to make positive contribution to our society and potentially to the planet.

My only regret would be that I didn’t get to complete all the tasks in time.  But I did what I could do given the circumstances.  So I feel good.

Congratulations and thank you very much  Warriors without Weapons for this fun and enlightening experience.

Hope to see other participants and the organizers next year in Brasil where I spent four years of my adolescence so that I get to spread it in Japan and Mexico and beyond.






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