Sustainable Living Film Festival 2

16 05 2010

I must admit that there wasn’t as many locals as we hoped the’d come on the first day.  But the inspirations from amazing movies and the festivity was up in the air.  Altogether, 100 or so people came and enjoyed the film and music performance by our classmates which was fantastic and also by Peter Elmberg, a musician and peace activist. Most of his songs are with peaceful uplifting message supporting the human potential. Apparently, his song “Now is the time” which he played at the opening event, was voted the best Swedish song throughout the times according to the readers of “City” (Swedens’ biggest magazine) 4 th of May 2007.

The festival is not yet over but it has been a really great experience made possible by good will of so many people.

Finalizing the organization of the day

outside the venue

The show starts

The show starts

Music contribution: many classmates contributed different talents

Others contributed beautiful handcrafts made of recycled materials

Peter Elmberg also generously contributed to the festival

People enjoying the opening party




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