Sustainable Living Film Festival Karlskrona 1

16 05 2010

I am back again thanks to the generous consideration on the part of the Warriors Without Weapons.  And again, I am a little behind the deadline, this time a few hours behind. Anyhow, it is the beginning of the last day of our film festival.  This is going to be another long and exciting day.

The past one week or so has been an extremely intense week.

On Monday the 10th, me and my thesis partners were working like mads to get our thesis done. And 7 minutes into Tuesday, we managed to hand in. Then, we went to our friends place to join to celebrate the end of this painful thesis writing period.  Came back around 7:00 am happy and tipsy. A few hours later, I went back downtown for the last meeting for the festival.

On Wednesday and Thursday 12th-13th, we had a two-day workshop on Evolutionary Leadership for Sustainability called Sustainovation, an inspiring and intense workshop on human development for radical sustainability (sustainability of yourself, people, and planet).

Amidst all the intensity and business we, the festival gangs, have somehow managed to keep talking to each other and self-organize to make the event happen.

On Tuesday May 4th, the press release was sent to our university information center so that they could post the information on the web site.  But there was no response.

On Thursday May 6th, the press release was sent to local news papers, TV, and Radio station.  No response from any…

On Friday May 7th, during the meeting with the thesis supervisors, I got a call from a person who runs a blog on films, musics around the region.  He was interested in posting our events.  Hooray!! And yes here is our first publicity outside of our friend circle.  As excited as I was about it, I was still waiting anxiously for the contacts from other media including our university while trying to focus on the thesis meeting.  Then somebody said our festival is posted on the university website, and it was true.  My goodness! Meanwhile, one of the film gangs sent us a news that we got a much needed funding from the university to cover the cost of food for the opening ceremony.

The weekend and Moday the 10th were fairly quiet in terms of film festival organization, as we all focused on respective thesis writing.

On Tuesday, at the film fest meeting, I heard that the local TV contacted an environmental NGO which is one of our sponsors asking for the teaser film clip for the advertisement of our festival.  The TV was wise enough to contact Swedish speaking member of the organizing committee.  The film clip creation was underway. Yey! However, there was no response from the local news paper or the radio.

On Wednesday the 12th,  on my way to the workshop a little before 9:00 a.m., I got a phone call from the university information center telling me that the local radio station is interested in interview us about the film festival at 11:00 a.m. on the condition that the interview will be in Swedish.  Jesus!  There is only a couple of hours!  Daniel is the only Swedish committee member and I didn’t have his number.  So I ran to the workshop, luckily got his number from a classmate, and called him.  Yes he was available and agreed to go. Since the organization of the festival was so decentralized and being organically organized by the initiative of each committee member, no one had an overall picture of the festival including Daniel and myself.  Yet Daniel needed the bigger picture so that he can answer the interview.  So I grabbed Tuna who had organized a film festival in Turkey and in charge of overall coordination of our festival and was attending the workshop, so that Daniel can have a good picture about the festival.  Thank god, the interview apparently went smoothly.

After a long day of the workshop which ended at 9:30 pm that day, I finally had a chance to check my email.  Then there was a news from Daniel that there was an article on our festival on the BLT, one of the local papers I had sent the press release.  Daniel also confirmed that the advertisement of the festival would be broad-casted on Friday the 14th at 7:15 pm for 1-2 minutes by SVT1, Unfortunately, none of us could see the TV as we were all at the festival venue when that happened.

On Friday 14th, I sent the press the invitation to the opening ceremony and a reminder of our festival before I went to the venue at 10:00 am.  We were not sure about many of the details of the festival and still arranging and finalizing bits and pieces of the event coordination, somehow the festival came together. So crazy but amazing!  It is so chaordic. Then a reporter from the other local paper (we only have two local paper here) came to report on the festival.  Indeed, a news about the festival and us was on a paper called ‘Sydostran’ on the following day, the 15th.  I bought the paper and saw our photo, but haven’t got around to take a photo of it, hopefully today (so that I can share it).

To be continued on Sustainable Living Film Festival Karlskrona 2.




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