My commitment

3 04 2010

What are my plans?

What do I want to do when I return from the program?

I plan to facilitate a process for people to reconnect with nature and with their authentic dreams so that they themselves will be active participants in creating a world that is just, diverse, peaceful and sustainable, rather than being a victim of circumstances.  I also wish to be empowered by this process of empowerment as well.

So in Japan, Mexico or wherever I go, I plant to facilitate such process using a method or process including the Warriors without Weapons, of course, most appropriate to the community.


My previous actions as “Warriors without Weapons”

2 04 2010

So here is the original question:

“Have you ever done something which demonstrates that you are a Warrior without Weapons?”  Tell us!

Right…hmmn…what I have done.  A moment of self-reflection.

Within my immediate family, I constantly invite them including my parents to dream and trust that the dream would come true if they let them come true.  Also I dialog a lot with issues surrounding deeper interconnections and sustainability.

Publicly, I have organized a study tour for local councilors concerned for sustainability to visit different civil society organizations and initiatives in Australia to learn about many different best practices for sustainability.

We made frames with recycled materials, chose our favorite scenery, and shared with one another.

In the last two years, I was working in Mexico for an NGO/Social enterprise called Grupo Ecologico Sierra Gorda for environmental education helping kids to learn the functionig and importance of ecosystem, importance of taking actions,  co-organizing earth festivals, clean up campaigns.  etc.

I have also worked for a Japanese NGO called Peace Boat as a volunteercommunication coordinator helping Japanese passengers to see the world and understand what is going on including different conflicts, poverty, environmental degradation, and people and initiatives addressing these issues to make the world a better place in addition to many beautiful places on the planet.

The day we arrived at Mobasa Kenya.

Why I want to take part?

2 04 2010

The mission of Instituto Elos which is an organization that provides the Warriors without Weapon training resonates deeply and strongly with my purpose.  Their mission is “to help people recover their ability to dream and find the will to realize these dreams with others”.

The second part of their mission that is “We work with people from high-risk urban and traditional communities in the Sao Paulo area and work with youth and social entrepreneurs from four continents” resonate a lot with what I and my classmates are working on with our thesis which investigates ways to unleash entrepreneurial potential for sustainability in socially vulnerable context.

My personal belief also strongly resonates with that of Instituto Elos.  I believe that everybody has inner desire to contribute positively to the world and thus have meaningful life.

For me personally, meaning of life comes when I learn and evolve as a person so that I make positive contribution to the world, and when I help other learn and evolve as a person so that they themselves can make positive contribution to the world.  It is funner when everyone participates in creation of new better world.

I believe that this better world can only be born when we start seeing this world as the world of abundance and cooperation.  The prevailing notion of the world of scarcity and competition is not only destroying what we love but also what our life depend.  I believe that our collective survival and well being depend on the shift of  world view from scarcity to abundance, from competition to cooperation.  I believe that the Warriors without Weapons is very powerful process in making this shift happen.

My purpose

2 04 2010

I have tried a lot of different things I loved and I have done a lot of soul searching.  The only voice that kept calling inside me was sustainability.

For me sustainability is about creating a world where all beings can live with dignity expressing themselves in joy.  And I feel the greatest joy when I am in the wilderness and when I help people bring out their potential withing (which is an original meaning of education).

Creating a sustainable world for all being by helping people bring out potential within is my purpose, no matter how small or big my contribution will be.  In the end it affects all because I am embedded in the whole.

My challenges

2 04 2010

I have learned to overcome many challenges I had lately.  One of the greatest challenges I am learning to overcome is voice of fear as described by Otto Scharmer of ‘Theory U‘.   I am quickly overcoming this lately since I decided about a week go to commit myself to walk right into the fear right at the moment when it comes up in my mind, and do exactly what causes fear in me.  It works!

I have just had an epiphany that this is what we were doing in morning Aikido sessions during Art of Hosting in Karlskrona, south of Sweden.

My dreams

2 04 2010

I have many dreams.  One of my dreams is to live in an Earthship with my family yet to emerge in my life, somewhere near the sea where there is surf and dolphins visit.  Near my home, there is a learning community where people learn and empower themselves to create a socially and ecologically sustainable life.  I would be hosting and facilitating a learning space.  This is a description of one of my dream.

My professional question

2 04 2010

My professional question is what would be the best way for me to evolve fully as human being, and what would be the best way for me to help others evolve fully as such, so that we can collectively evolve to our highest full potential.