My Big Hairy Audacious Plan

14 04 2010

Our 3rd task as a player of Warriors without Weapons is to:

Look for a single aspect that can be improved in a community you are part of (your home, neighborhood, work, etc.).  Share in detail how you plan to do this.

I checked the task today, and it turns out that this task needs to be done within the next 28.5 hours.  It has been 26 minutes since the 14th-April started in Sweden.  Time is ticking…  My heart is beating fast.

There is no chance that I have time to do this during the day since I’m participating in the Flow Game, another cool game to tap into your passion and dream.  Then I need to work on the thesis.   Tic tac tic tac…

No problem.  I can share a plan that I have been incubating to move Japanese communities move a little closer towards  social and ecological sustainability.  Well, I still have to bring together bits and pieces of ideas floating in my head into a presentation, which may take a few hours.

Here we go:

My big hairy audacious plan

My big hairy audacious plan

More nitty-gritty needs to be planned such as time, venue, title, duration, etc.  I also have some idea.  I may share it some other time in  some other or the same platform.


The illustration of winged heart in the presentation was borrowed from,