On completing the game with a bit of delays

1 05 2010

Task 6 Evaluation

It was fun!

I am utterly amazed by how well designed this “selection” process/game was.

It was fun which definitely helped lower mental barriers for doing what I was supposed to do especially opening a blog!  I had been reluctant in starting my own blog for ages partly because I prefer spending as little time as possible in front of computer which I still do, and partly because I though it would be too time and energy consuming even though I knew that it would be a really effective way of communication.  Now that I opened my first blog and have been writing it.  It feels good and I have definitely learned the basics of how to use something very useful.

The deadline presented in a fun way encouraged me to complete or at least try to complete the tasks in time.

The tasks themselves were superbly well designed in a way that by completing the tasks you are already beginning to make positive contribution to our society and potentially to the planet.

My only regret would be that I didn’t get to complete all the tasks in time.  But I did what I could do given the circumstances.  So I feel good.

Congratulations and thank you very much  Warriors without Weapons for this fun and enlightening experience.

Hope to see other participants and the organizers next year in Brasil where I spent four years of my adolescence so that I get to spread it in Japan and Mexico and beyond.




Task 4 + 5 + 6 with a little over due

1 05 2010

I know I am late.  I know it is over due.  Yet…better late than never.

I haven’t been able to post it which is an important part of the game, but this doesn’t mean that I was not working on task 4 and 5 and am working on 6 right now.  In fact task 4 and 5 has been part of my life, and I have been working on it.  Unfortunately I was overwhelmed by our thesis research which is due in 10 days and involves the task 4 and 5, and up coming Sustainable Living Film Festival that we are organizing at the moment for May 14th-16th.  This also involves task 4 and 5.

What are task 4 and 5?  Here they are:

Task 4

Decide who can help you and by what means.  Tell us how you manage to gather people and who they are.  List the skills and resources you can count on.  Show your planning.

Task 5

Tell us what happened in an inspirational way!

Let me start from the Sustainable Living Film Festival 2010.

We, several folks from our class Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (yep it’s all about sustainability), have been talking dreaming planning and organizing this event since shortly after we arrived in K-town Sweden last year.  The dream was dormant for a few months and came alive again sometime in March, and we have been working hard and having fun to make it happen.

My role as a member of the Sustainable Living Film Festival organizing committee is publicity and media relations.  Since I have very little experience in this area apart from working as a foreign corespondent in a movie distributer,  I have decided to ask for some help from people around me.

My plan of getting help for publicity and media relations

I wrote to my classmates who organized 350 event last year for media contacts in town, and got contacts for local news paper, radio station, and TV.   To get some hints and tips for publicity, I a classmate of mine (she was also helping organizing 350 event) who used to work a lot with media relations.  She is happy to help us write press release.  Tomorrow I will write it with another friend of mine who has organized a similar film festival in Turkey and is one of the overall-coordinators of our film festival.  So that a week before the festival we will send our press release to those media.  Also, a woman from the town is helping us with funding to print posters and flyers.   In the mean time, another classmate and a member of the film festival organizing committee is organizing volunteers so that they will help us with distributing flyers and putting up the posters in strategic places.

So far this is what’s been happening and how it will happen regarding publicity of our film festival.

Now, with our thesis we are looking at ways to unleash and develop  leadership for societal change  towards socio-ecological sustainability in whoever has inner desire and will.  Based on our findings, we are developing a set of “play” cards with questions, quotes or images that faciliatates self-reflection.  So that a “player” can find their burning passion, dream, discover and start dealing with metal barriers which prevent him or her to follow their heart in a way that also contributes not only to his or her wellbeing but also wellbeing of the society and the planet.  We have asked for help from a lot of people including participants and organizers of truly inspiring and progressive social entrepreneurship program around Europe and beyond.

Part of this whole process has been shared through our blog (Y)our learning path.

To be continued on task 6 Evaluation.